Friday, June 17, 2005

Follower of Christ

I was touring Gospel for Asia headquarters yesterday where my brother-in-law works as an accountant. KP, the founder, took a few minutes with us. I was introduced as a pastor.

He asked me what denomination I was.

I said, Churches of God General Conference in Findlay, OH.

Oh... Churches of God... charismatic?

No, that's not us.

It went on.

Our theology is Wesleyan, like the Nazarines.

Oh... holiness.

No, except for that.

It felt like a very wasted 5 minutes of conversation, with hopefully two spiritual, thoughtful men. If I had it to do over, which I will with someone else someday, here is how it will be different.

What denomination?

My ordination is with the Churches of God General Conference in Findlay, OH, but I'll be honest I don't feel like that defines me.

What defines you?

Simply, I am a follower of Christ.

Certainly, Christ is wonderful, isn't He?

Absolutely. I am daily finding new wonders and continue to learn how to live less for myself and more for Him. His Kingdom is constantly expanding.

You said your denomination doesn't define you, but don't you feel like you need to make some decisions on some theological issues?

Actually, I don't. I may have opinions, but I'm not sure I would call them decisions. Perhaps that is what defines me as emergent, post-protestant. I am no longer protesting. I am again searching.

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Shawna said...

I like that. I know that growing up in a non-denominational church was very freeing for me. I didn't have a "group" to be lumped into. I just simply learned how to share that I followed Jesus--that's who I was.