Monday, July 11, 2005

Superhero theme

I'm thinking about a superhero theme for August at church. We may be in our building but probably won't have a place for kid's church yet. Maybe... I've been thinking about a superhero theme that the kids might connect with.

Making a list here of movies I have rights to use.

Yes: The Incredibles (Disney), Batman (all of them are Warner Brothers), Superman (WB), Hulk (Universal), Superfriends (WB - season one available from Amazon for $21.59)

No: Spiderman (both), Daredevil, X-Men (20th Century Fox)

What are the other movies I haven't thought about? I'm looking for recognizable names.

Themes could be secret identity, courage, strength, commitment to mission, struggle to do the right thing, ...

A note about Wonderwoman. It would be cool to show that women can be heroes, but I as a teen who grew up watching Wonder Woman's TV show with Lynda Carter, that wasn't how she inspired me. It might be interesting to note that the two recent superhero women movies -- Elektra and Catwoman -- were both evil.


Anonymous said...

Aqua Man is really cool, although I'm not sure he can stay up with Superman. Wonder Woman and the invisible jet might be something. If you could get your hands on some old "Super Friends" episodes that would be golden. "Wonder Twins activate! Form of ...."

Good idea.

rob smith

Brian said...

Aquaman is cool, but sadly, no movie... which would put it over the pop culture edge that I need to communicate.

Superfriends might just work, though I prefer film and photo to animation and clipart. But just to see the Wonder twins activate -- she is the form of... a really cool animal. He is the form of ... water... again.