Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lance is Off the Market

My good friend Lance Finley tied the knot Saturday to the lovely and well organized Brenda Kauk.. Koak... Finley. (I can't spell her maiden name.) The wedding was perfect, not a hitch. (except the slight wrinkle in Lance's pants as he kneeled to pray, but since the line of sight in that church is so horrible I doubt anyone noticed.)

The funniest line for me was when the photographer was barking like a dog to make people smile and Lance's brother Nick asked, "Can you do a monkey?"

My favorite part was the reception. It seems to me like church people have taken great efforts to squeeze the life out of parties. This party had some life. The wedding party was introduced as "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" was roaring over the speakers. It would have been quite the moment for me if my counterpart, the matron of honor, wasn't having to drag her daughter (the flower girl) into the room. Still, a nice moment.

We danced the night away with all three of our children really starting to get into dancing. My 6 year old boy even danced with our ten year old girl and she asked him to promise he would dance with her at every dance from now on. No promise was made. At one point, our girl got 'weirded out.' I told her I knew how she felt because the first time I saw my dad crazy dancing at a wedding... Well actually that has never happened. I have no idea how she feels except that she knows her parents like letting loose and enjoying theirselves and each other.

Also getting to see Rob Smith and Eric Forlines dance was a treat.

Blessings to you Lance and Brenda.

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Shawna said...

Congrats to Lance & Brenda! I am very happy for both of you!