Monday, August 08, 2005

Quark Matter Passes Through the Earth

In two cases, the arrival times and forms of seismic waves at nine far-flung stations pointed to linear bursts of energy. The ruptures ripped through the planet at hundreds of kilometres per second rather than fracturing only near the surface, as typical earthquakes do.

One event occurred on 22 October 1993, when, according to the researchers, something entered the Earth off Antarctica and left it south of India 0.73 of a second later.

The other occurred on 24 November 1993, when an object entered south of Australia and exited the Earth near Antarctica 0.15 of a second later.

Remember Lance, I said I thought I felt something.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Pandrones Pizza... entering the body at one point in time and one specific spot, exiting seconds later at specific point of the body.


Anonymous said...

Quark?!? Wasn't that the alien in Star Trek Deep space nine?


Brian said...

That's funny! I can see ol' Quark flying through space and whumph, he goes right through the planet. He should get his own show.

You know what show I miss. There was a science fiction show where they operated a garbage ship, one guy was a plant, one girl (or twins) were nice looking. Richard ???

I looked it up. It was called Quark!

QUOTE: Home base of the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol assigned to clear garbage and debris from space corridors of the Milky Way on the science fiction spoof QUARK/NBC/1978. Perma One was designed by Otto Palindrome (Conrad Janis). The clean up missions were commanded by Adam Quark (Richard Benjamin), His crew members were First Officer Gene/Jean (Tim Thomerson), a humanoid with male and female characteristics; Science Officer Ficus, a vegetable-like alien (a spoof of Mr. Spock on Star Trek); twin clone females Betty I (Tricia Barnstable) and Betty II (Cyb Barnstable); and a clanking piece of junk called Andy the Robot (Bobby Porter). Quark's spacecraft had a giant maw in front and two mechanical arms to pull in space trash. The ship held 200,000 pounds of compacted waste. ENDQUOTE

Now there was a show!