Monday, September 05, 2005

Helping Victims of Katrina

Sunday I preached on being fruitful mission-minded partners with Christ. I said we should be helping Katrina victims right now but we don't have any money or vacation time. Whether this had anything to do with it or not, my friend and lead guitar player Jim Eastin left at Midnight to head to Houston to help.

His act has moved my heart.

Mapquest says it is 1000 miles to Houston. Assuming Jim is going to travel 2500 miles round trip and around town and assuming his beast of a smaller sized pickup truck gets 25 miles to the gallon (probably optimistic), it is going to take 100 gallons of gas or $350 just for gas for his trip. I don't know if he will get a hotel or what. I don't know if he had some extra money if he would be able to help as needed (I assume). He has to eat.

What if we get behind Jim with some cash? I can guarantee you he will spend it appropriately. Let's shoot for $500. I'll let you know more as I know more, and I am very eager to know more.

A lady from our church is a claims adjuster and is fairly sure she will be heading down for who knows how long in order to process insurance claims. Our prayers are with her and we need to figure out how else we might be able to empower her. Another lady said her husband is giving serious thought to heading down. Maybe we need to shoot for $2000 and use it as needed.

Here is the email I got this morning from Jim's wife:
We would appreciate your prayers for Jim at over the next few days. It
is 12:05 a.m. Sunday night/Monday morning, and he just left for Houston.
He felt a huge leading to go help with the relief effort. There was a
need for people with laptops to assist people in finding family and
lodging. He's driving his truck down. He's planning to return by
Thursday or so to be able to be here to play for a benefit for some
friends of ours who are dealing with cancer.

Please pray for a safe trip, great gas mileage and above all God will
use him to help someone in need.

Thank you for your prayers.

Jim, Terri, Rachel and Jillian Eastin

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