Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sermon Theme - Strength and Beauty

The thought is not just a marriage series, but a men and women series. It is my thought that men are meant to be strong (in more ways than just outward) and women are meant to be beautiful (again in more ways than just outward). It doesn't mean that men can't be artistic and it doesn't mean that women can't be pretty strong, but it does mean (and I'm stepping out a bit) that when men do not find their strength (and when women knock down their strength) and when women do not find their beauty (and men knock down their beauty), they find problems.

I'm trying to think even if this is true or not.

Samson and Delilah are examples of how this truth is perverted. Strength and Beauty are largely perverted in our society. That may in fact point toward the idea that strength and beauty are essential to the heart of men and women.

David shows a lot of strength. Bathsheba is beautiful. But both are warped.

Video idea: Simon Birch -- Simon finds his strength. He is not the picture of strength, but his heart is true to his strength.


Shawna said...

I like it. A lot. I think it's a great start. Keep going.

You don't have to have bulging biceps and beat up/or dictate everyone around you to be strong and you don't have to be a double 0 (Eva Longoria is! from Desperate Housewives--didn't even know there was such a size!) to be beautiful.

Definitions of what God designed as strength and beauty would be an awesome exploration.

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