Thursday, January 19, 2006

Worth Fighting For

A man has to be dangerous. It is part of who he is created to be. Eldredge complains that the church has made men above all nice. Nice is ok, but it shouldn't be "above all." I believe God created men to extend and care for His Kingdom.

Thinking out loud.

A man should definitely fight for:

1. The heart of beauty in the women of his life(wife and daughters, perhaps even mother, but be careful not to weaken his dad.) The women in his life should feel value, captivating. (A woman can't be captivating if no one is captivated.)

2. a heart of strength in the men of his life, starting with his boys. Sometimes the world makes boys feel weak. He should find a way to make them feel strong.

3. justice in the world. God calls a man to care for the widows and orphans. This is where a man must be willing to take up arms to give freedom or be willing to risk his life to bring justice.

Movie Clip: Braveheart -- Will You Fight?

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Dan H. said...


We were studying the life of th eapostle Paul last night, and one thing we noted was that God changed Paul's life, but didn't change 'who he was.' He never lost his fierce intensity, it was just channeled in a different way.

Don't you think we often think when God transforms our lives we have to give up everything about our past, rather than letting him 'redeem' us as who we are.