Friday, February 10, 2006

DaVinci Quest

I'm convinced that the upcoming movie and the bestselling book, The Davinci Code, is going to give the church an opportunity to speak to some of the growing concerns seekers have -- How can I know the Bible is true? How can I know who Jesus really is? What is the appropriate place of the Catholic church?

My fear is that the response will be laced in vitriolic lashings. Answers will be given. But no one will hear. Conspiracies perk our ears. Logical explanations lull us to sleep. People don't remember the answers. They remember the questions. Yet my hope is to be able to preach a sermon series that puts the questions at the heart of the message.

Jesus and the Bible are incredibly subversive and subversiveness is attractive to the seeker. The real question for me is the authority of the Catholic Church. It is this blanket authority and inability to question that authority that throws a blanket on a lot of seekers. I have a lot of respect for the Catholic church but I do not put myself under it's authority. My message will not though come at the expense of the Catholic Church. This is why I'm already considering the message.

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