Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lost on Lost

Lost is like Seinfeld. It is a show about nothing. Last night should have been an incredibly good Lost. A lot happened. No, actually, nothing happened.

1. Happened: The man in not Henry Gale. Aha! Nothing: We have no idea who he is. For all we know, he actually may be Henry Gale. It's a weird island.

2. They took Walt. Michael hasn't been seen for a while. When I think about that, I get sick.

3. Sun's pregnant but not by her husband, nor anybody else.

4. John saw some drawings last night. He also some hieroglyphics the other day. Nothing.

5. Someone dropped supplies. We don't know who.

6. Hurley's out of the loop. So it seems am I.

7. Charlie has turned into a total jerk.

8. Sayid seems to get over stuff quick.

It's amazing for all we know, we don't really know anything.

1. The island is weird. People see stuff that isn't there, but I suppose it must be.
2. The others exist, but we don't know why.
3. The hatch???

I'm fairly convinced they aren't going to tell us anything. Then who would care? As for today, I'm already there.


Julie said...

its all pieces in the puzzle... Actually I'm waiting for JJ Abrams to wrap up Alias and all its mysteries well before I can trust that we will ever understand anything in lost.

Brian said...

The problem is I'm not convinced I have been able to put any two pieces together to get a bigger picture.

It's like a magic trick. Knowing how it is done isn't as satisfying as we would ever think. In fact, it ruins the trick.

There is likely no possible ending that would satisfy us at this point. Therefore, they absolutely can't tell us anything. And with the season coming to an end soon, they have to leave us hanging. It's their job.

As for Alias, I've only seen a few, but at least a little plot gets resolved each week. I don't feel like Lost is resolving much at all. Everything continues to hang and then they give us even more to resolve.

We'll see how I choose. I may just be all talk.

Shaun Groves said...

I don't have cable but a friend of mine is addicted to Lost and has a theory about what it's all about:


Yep, he thinks the island might be purgatory. As people confront their past, resolve conflict, make peace etc they disappear. They leave purgatory - the island. Babies, under the age of acountability, leave as well. All religious talk and symbols are Catholic etc. Anyway, it's his theory. SInce you've been watching it religiously (pun intended) how sound do you think this theory of his is?


Julie said...

the purgatory theory is a popular one. I'm more partial to the theory that the whole thing is a staged psychological experiment. I like that they leave it hanging. That's how the first two seasons of alias were like - when they started doing selfcontained episodes in season 3, the series went downhill and lost the ratings...

Brian said...

So is Henry Gale the Christ figure? He allowed himself to be captured and descended into their world. He has taken their beatings to pay for their sins. But he is the one to lead them out? All of Lost has been preparing for this moment of his arrival?