Monday, March 20, 2006

A New Ride

We bought a 2001 Toyota Sienna XLE mini-van. We love it. Thanks for the advice Sherri. It was really a big part of the determining factor as we drove another van on the highway and weighed the pros and cons.


sherri said...

{{Humbly bowing.}} You're quite welcome--I hope it remains good advice in the long run. :-)

I hadn't seen your update about the Dodge Grand Caravan. My parents have one and it's pushing 236,000 miles. So, with a Toyota, you should look at trying to get at least 300,000, I'd say. ;-)

It's an amazing thing, but the first time in a very long time we have a vehicle under 100,000 miles. The only bad thing about that is it gives a false sense of security, and my prayer life is not as vibrant as when my car sounds likes it's falling apart as I'm hurtling down the highway...

Glad you have that decision made.


Brian said...

Our salesman, actually no, he said he was our friend, told us that the van is almost impossible to steal. The reason that was so shocking to me is because I've never owned a vehicle that anyone would want to steal.

Monday morning, I piled in the kids and took them to school, where you pull up a long drive, open the right door and let them out on the curb. The van has a power door so I knew I could open and shut it. How cool! I pulled up, pushed the button, nothing happened. People are waiting behind me. Sweat soaks my brow. I shut it off and try again. It opens. I think the doors automatically lock and have to be unlocked before they will open. Nothing like looking uncool in your cool new van.

Tom said...

I'm hoping to get one next year, you uncool? Never, at least not to my boys.