Thursday, April 13, 2006

Confront the Brutal Facts

Good to Great

How do you create a climate where the truth is heard? We offer four basic practices.
1. Lead with questions, not answers.
Leading from good to great does not mean coming up with the answers and then motivating everyone to follow your messianic vision. It means having the humility to grasp the fact that you do not yet understand enough to have the answers and then to ask the questions that will lead to the best possible insights.

2. Engage in dialogue and debate, not coercion

3. Conduct autopsies without blame

4. Build 'red flag' mechanisms
Indeed, we found no evidence that the good-to-great companies had more or better information than the comparison companies. none. Both sets of companies had virtually identical access to good information. The key, then, lies not in better information, but in turning information into information that cannot be ignored.

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