Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm Free!!

My TV shows are over for the season. Here is my list of season finales in order of satisfaction. I might add, before you say it, that it is sad to me that I was wrapped up in four shows.

24 finale was very satisfying. Two or three times they surprised me and Danelle both. And already, I'm ready for another season. Can't wait. This is the clear winner of finales.

American Idol surprised us with the crowning of our favorite, though not who we expected to win, Taylor Hicks. I honestly thought the finale show was incredible. I will probably watch it again before I delete it off Tivo.

West Wing finale was ok, but not terribly satisfying. It helped me to accept that it will no longer be continuing. The best part was just the showing of what happens while the new President is being inaugerated. The past President's stuff is moved out of the residence and the oval office and the new President's stuff is moved in. I think the creators meant to tie up some lose ends, but the unexpected death of John Spencer messed up where they thought they were going. And the cancellation of a planned retrospective, due to money issues, was REALLY DISAPPOINTING.

And finally Lost, which the finale told us a ton, but upon reflection, we of course, really don't know anything. Mostly I found it annoying. I really don't like to spend much time on puzzles and this is a puzzle of grand scale. I should probably not watch it next season, then buy or rent the season on DVD. I did say to my wife earlier today, "What bothers me more... that most of the statue is missing or that the foot only has four toes?" She asked me if Henry, who is always barefoot, had four toes. We may have to go back and look. But then again, I hate puzzles and I doubt there are any answers, though they want you to believe there are.

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