Friday, June 09, 2006

Jaw Droppin

My friend John Culbertson sent me this link. It is the Christian remake of Baby Got Back called Baby Got Book. At the point the girls say, "Me so Holy"... I couldn't decide whether to laugh, cry, or be offended. I'm still not sure. But it is probably worth a look.


Sandi said...

Same here! I couldn't get it to play and I think I am glad I couldn't. I read the lyrics. Well all I can say is it isn't filth and thats a start!!! Plus the fact I am 58 years old and not a granny rapper!! Sandi

Anonymous said...

Is this guy suppose to be a christian rapper? I listened to the song and also read the lyrics, then scrolled on down and read the next song: At this Moment. I can say this I would NOT let my kids listen to him. I would rather they listen to country or rock then this guy. Melissa

Brian said...

His website looks like he's a Christian comedian. I can't say I'd be booking him anytime soon. I have to assume he meant it to be funny. But to be honest you can't take "me so holy" in place of what it was.

I read "At this moment." I think it's pretty obvious he's trying to show that some guys will say anything to get a girl. He's trying to warn people. It's not his personal message.

Some people need the message to be pretty blunt.

Shawna said...

These were hilarious! Josh and I laughed and laughed!

I think this guy would be great to speak to teens. He's funny and witty and a pretty decent rapper to boot. He would gain their respect because of his talent and that would open up their ears and hearts to his message.

With a song like Baby Got Back--it's very catchy and you find yourself singing lyrics that are not good. But it would be nice to have lyrics to replace the ones stuck in your head. I thought it was cool.

I read through a couple of his other songs and I loved "Lots of Caucasians"--(I can only imagine)

This is the chorus:

Surrounded by white people
I just have to ask,
When they dance for you, Jesus
Will we be allowed to laugh?
Will you bless us all with rhythm
Or will that gift be withheld?
Will they dance real smooth like Usher
Or like Elaine from Seinfeld
If there are lots of Caucasians
If there are lots of Caucasians

Too funny!

Nikki said...

I agree with Shawna. I thought this was a good way to take a song with bad lyrics and change them for the better. I think age must have a lot to do with it. Shawna and I, both in our 20's, thought this was funny, but everyone else thought it was bad. Well, not that it really matters, but I thought it was funny because I know Baby Got Back by heart and it was nice to hear a Weird Al sort of version.