Thursday, June 29, 2006

Links I May Want

Seth Godin He has the best monthly article in Fast Company. Seems like I've tried to read his blog before and failed. But... it is worth another try.

Problogger I knew Darren Rowse back when... before he was a problogger, and because I knew him, I know for a fact (pretty much) that he is the real deal. I've been experimenting with Adsense ads and I can see that you truly could make some money if you had the right ads come up and people noticed them and clicked them. You do not have to make a sell for anybody to make money. Newspapers get paid for ads whether anything was sold or not. If my ads are clicked, I make money. So somebody could say, are you trying to make money? Aren't we all? Is it another get rich scheme? I hope not. We all have to make money one way or another. I'm mostly interested in seeing what the trend is and how it works for the future of advertising. I was pretty impressed when Seth Godin actually linked to Darren Rowse. Did I mention I knew him when...

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Darren said...

thanks for the kind words - really appreciate them :-)