Thursday, September 28, 2006


Jordon Cooper is my hero. He probably doesn't want to be my hero and ask anybody, I'm not easily impressed, but I've followed his blog for a few years now. I just like the way he handles everyday life, not like a superhero with nary a hair out of place, but straight on, honest, a suffering servant, yet not a victim.

He hosts his blog on Dreamhost. I've thought about switching hosting sites. It would be invisible to everybody else. I host three websites on ... actually, they changed their name and I can't even come up with it. Dreamhost is cheaper if you pay two-years in advance, a little more if you pay monthly, but here is what I thought I saw. It looks like I can host all three sites on one sign up. If that is true, I could cut some costs and even start some sites for fun... maybe my daughter's fashion site.

I need to read more about it.

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