Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Lance sent me this seemingly harmless picture of his lovely wife Brenda, himself, and two kids he lured off the street with candy. It was a wonderful time of celebrating the arrival of the Christ child, braving the elements, fantasizing about what those first moments might have been. Notice that Brenda does have those wonderous idyllic features that Mary must have possessed. Lance looks like a prosperous, if not somewhat shady, Jewish businessman.

But if like me, you are a bit skeptical and you have access to a zoom control on photos. You will see the problem as I enlarge the image.

Update: I've shown this to a few people expecting them to see the subtle humor, but instead they don't recognize Lance as a young boy. I thought it would be funny to infer that Lance put himself in the manger rather than Jesus. Though now that I think about it, that is pretty heretical and not so funny. Anyway, I think Lance may find it funny.


Tom said...

I'm sorry, that's funny.
But as you know my sense of humor is a little whacked.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. Yikes. My power just went out.

Anonymous said...

power back up

rob smith