Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reminder for Spiritual Renewal

As I prepare to go for my first consulting gig, I have no doubt that the place to start is spiritual renewal and the passage of Scripture is Isaiah 6. Due to sin, despair, even religious repetitiveness, we forget how present God is. When He shows up, when we recognize His presence, we are cut to the quick. Our sin and our doubt, once our blanket, are thrown off and displayed before us. Now naked, our shame pours out of crack in our soul, as we stand before the Greatness that is God. All of our senses, smell, touch, sound, sight, taste, and even more, as we sense something beyond even our physical senses -- all of our senses testify to the truth of God's exceeding glory, which takes us beyond sin and beyond despair.

Then as we suffer the death of our despondence, God asks, "Who will go for us?" We do not move until called. But we do not sit and wait. We beg for God's presence to drive away the darkness that has inhabited our lives.

Tomorrow at church, the question we have been asked is this: what do you give to the One who already has everything? My answer: We rise up and live free, throwing off all that we feel bound by but which has really lost its power over us. This is character, refusing to be bound, refusing to respond with fear, refusing to feel ashamed or small, and refusing to continue in sin.

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