Saturday, April 07, 2007


Setting up chairs on Saturday night before Easter, my mind was flooded with ideas. I just want to write them down before I forget.

-Pointless Church - once a month (or whatever we could do... quarterly), we have a Sunday evening Service that is completely drama driven. In a sense, pointless... that it isn't a sermon at all. My picture is that it is two guys talking about life, maybe other characters too.

-Music -- I still get that picture of people playing music here, developing their skills, and writing songs. Maybe we could record here.

-I would love for Crossover to become a place for dramatic arts, music, local needs, and global needs. Kid ministries rather than being separate, might become part of the whole set of needs.

-One Sunday evening a month has to become Vision/Finance Team meeting.

-For those who like to sing more worship songs, the band should start ten minutes early. I'm pretty sure we could put a Quick Message on Song Show Plus that says, "You aren't late. We just started singing early!" or something like that.

For some reason, I have more hope tonight than I've had for a while. It feels good.


Mike Clawson said...

Those are some good ideas Brian, but I'm wondering in what way the first idea would be "pointless"? Do you mean that it would be an unscripted drama - sort of improv? I guess I'm not quite getting the concept.

Anyhow, let us know how it goes if you try to implement any of these ideas.

Brian said...

Leonard Sweet had a book that talked about how sermons 300 years ago sometimes had 50 or more points. Through the years, we trimmed it down to 3 points. Now we just need the big idea - 1 point. Sweet was talking about preaching conversationally, and that his wife began saying, "Sweet, your sermons are pointless!" Play on words.

Mike Clawson said...

Oh, got it. Thanks. :)

I guess I should finally get around to reading Sweet. The cheezy titles of his books (and excessive use of confusing metaphors) have kept me from really getting into his stuff.