Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kid's Worship

Last night, we were asked to play worship music for the younger youth group (4th-7th grade). We brought in most of the worship band -- drums, bass, electric guitar, and my acoustic. We did some songs we liked -- You Are Good, Hope to Carry On, ... and some they liked -- Lord I Lift Your Name on High, Romans 16:19, Celebrate Jesus... and then I tried a new one for me -- Cartoon Hallelujah. The first song the kids looked a little overwhelmed. We sing three songs each week, but they weren't into it. One of the youth leaders, Tammy, had brought some instruments. So before the second song, I said, "Bring those instruments up here." Most of them took a rhythm instrument, but one boy took a recorder (flute). Then they started to have fun.

The drummer gave my 8 year old son a cow bell to play. Shyly, he held it down and tapped it. We were in the middle of a song, Romans 16:19 I think, and while the band played, I said let me see that cowbell, and did a little Saturday Night Live Will Ferrel Cow Bell. Getting the bell back, my son was still pretty shy but he kept the beat loud enough to hear. Good time.

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