Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Life For Haiti

Brian Miller and Michelle Donnell were interviewed on the WCIA noon news show concerning the upcoming fundraising banquet on January 12, 2008 at the Walkway in Mattoon, IL. See for more information.

New Life for Haiti is an organization that was founded by three Church of God churches in the Midwest Region. We are working with missionaries Steve and Jolene Moore (whom some of you may know). The work is in southwestern Haiti, south of Jereme, in the Grande Anse River Valley. All of our work so far has been in Marfranc.

This year, we expanded a primary school. Next year, we plan to build a Medical clinic, a secondary school, and a guest house so that Steve and Jolene and our teams can be closer to the work. If anyone has any interest in working with us, please let us know.

This work came about because of an encounter we had with Pastor Bob Roberts in Keller, TX. We had asked him how we could be more successful in planting churches since his church plants more churches in the United States than anyone else. He said, "Boys, if want to plant a few churches around Chicago, don't waste my time. Find some place hard in the world to work. Work there 20 years. And then you will know what to do around Chicago."

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