Friday, July 05, 2002

Again, sad that I saw this from another Blog weblog, but still a worthy story and raising valid questions about our DNA.

U2's Bono has been working hard to help the poor in third world nations. He notes here that he thinks American church's should help: CBC.CA - The National

"You'll be hearing from the sleeping giant that is the church. I mean, what is going on with the churches? It is incredible. I tell these evangelicals in the United States there are 2,300 verses of scripture about the poor. It's the central message outside of personal redemption, the idea of dealing with the poor. And I'm asking them, where are they? Where are they on this? On a recent poll of evangelical churches, only six per cent said they wanted to do something about AIDS. It is unbelievable, the leprosy of our time if you like. But it's starting to turn; the Church is starting to wake up."

Why aren't we more concerned about the poverty stricken poor? The average family gets $400 per year in Haiti!! We give money to people making $25,000 to $30,000 per year to help them out.

Does this make us think? What should we do about it based on our DNA?

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