Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Meaning and Tradition
I was struck this morning when I reread my Mville Fair post about why it is a meaningful tradition for me. The Fair brings back memories, descent memories but not great memories. There is some comfort knowing that on the first day of the Fair, in the afternoon, there will be a truck I can sit in on the East side of the track. I have no idea why that is comforting, but it is.

As for family reunions, I enjoy my mom's side. Grandma B, 89 years old and still doing great, is a link for us all. We all love her so much. But I didn't connect well with some of mom's brothers. They scared me as a kid. But I've connected with about a dozen cousins. We all really like each other and each other's kids, and we all share a faith in Jesus Christ that has changed our lives.

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