Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Martinsville Agricultural Fair
Growing up in Martinsville, IL and having a grandfather, J.I. Baird, who was Illinois Thoroughbred racing, I have a calling to the Monday races at the Martinsville Fair.

Sitting in one of the trucks backed in beside the east turn with several of my 28 cousins on my mom's side, we watch and enjoy the races. Some keep track of who wins and loses, some play cards between races, all enjoy the atmosphere. It brings back memories of carnival rides, french fries with vinegar, and racing my play horses at home with Grandad's great horses -- Speedy Dean, Karen's Look, and York's Last.

What does this have to do with Core Values? There is a place for heritage, family, and tradition. But it has to maintain meaning. Why do many people hate to go to family reunions? Because they have no meaning to them. They don't know the people. They might not even like the people. They see no reason to go.

So I invest this "tradition" into my children by taking them to the event, talking to them about its value, and figuring out what real value it has to them, if any.

I try to take my kids every year, just to give them a flavor of what I've known. But I think they enjoyed splitting the funnel cake and elephant ear more!

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