Wednesday, July 24, 2002

More thoughts on Chaos
Len Sweet in his book Soul Tsunami talked about a new word -- Chaordic. It was coined by Dee Hock, who invented the Visa card. It was his idea that if you could create orderly chaos, you could make a lot of money. And he did.

Pay It Forward is chaordic. There are very few rules, only one in fact -- you must do favors for three other people as soon as possible -- but this one rule is made very clear. It a clearly defined core value.

And the chaos we want to create is similar, it is passed on as the Good News of Jesus Christ and is usually accompanied by some significant healing (not necessarily physical) action. Perhaps we could even consider Jesus death on the cross the initial "favor" that drives us.

Tom Bandy wrote a great book called Christian Chaos that does a good job describing what a chaordic church would look like. I want Crossover to look like that. Maybe we should change our core value to Discipled Chaos.

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