Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Star Trek Enters the Real World With Anti-Gravity

This is wild... science-fiction come true stuff!! Listen to some of the excerpts from Anti-gravity propulsion comes ‘out of the closet’ - Jane's Civil Aerospace.

Applications, the company says, could include space launch systems, artificial gravity on spacecraft, aircraft propulsion and ‘fuelless’ electricity generation — so-called ‘free energy’.

But it is also apparent that Podkletnov’s work could be engineered into a radical new weapon. The GRASP paper focuses on Podkletnov’s claims that his high-power experiments, using a device called an ‘impulse gravity generator’, are capable of producing a beam of ‘gravity-like’ energy that can exert an instantaneous force of 1,000g on any object — enough, in principle, to vaporise it, especially if the object is moving at high speed.

The paper points out that Podkletnov is strongly anti-military and will only provide assistance if the research is carried out in the ‘white world’ of open development.

With every breakthrough that could change the world for the better, it releases a power that can destroy us too. This requires a spiritual maturity about the human race. A depth that the world lacks. An opportunity to build a bridge?

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