Thursday, October 31, 2002

Word and Power Question

Gil asked in an email: You commented, " Instead of a "merging of two rivers," I wonder if it isnt something new. New wineskins... Of course, we will see elements of pentecostalism and evangelicalism, but I wonder if something like Brian McLarens A New Kind of Christian isnt more what we are talking about, and more of what will lead a significant portion of people who arent from either stream into a powerful relationship with Jesus Christ." Can you explain that a little more fully ?

As I said in recent blog post, I don't necessarily see Pentecostals heading toward Evangelicals, and I don't honestly see Traditional Evangelical churches saying, "OK, we said for years don't speak in tongues. Now we say go ahead." I doubt it. Banister was able to guide his church through the transition, but I suspect there were some major hurdles that he didn't publish. And even if there weren't, the churches on either side of the issue that will be able to make this transition are few (in my opinion). We can do this at The Crossover because we are something new.

I don't think we can limit the new thing as coming from two streams. I think the Catholic stream is reintroducing itself with a focus on the importance of communion and confession and mystery. I think we are stepping away from intellectualism into an experience culture, which is just so different. I think if we try to understand this new thing by looking only for clues from the two streams, we will find ourselves still lost. If there is any map, I believe it an ancient map, and we should look back to the 1st century or 14th century, not just the last 100 years of Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism.

Banister's book is an important step, but why only Word and Power. What about Justice? What about Service? What about deep loving relationships? Aren't these other three as important expressions of God's presence?

How do we express all that at The Crossover? When I know, I will write a book!

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