Tuesday, November 12, 2002

My Dear Frodo
I had breakfast with an old friend and regular blog reader Tom Toner Saturday morning. Tom and I went to school together starting in second grade. Oddly, we became much closer friends after high school. Usually, school friends grow quickly apart after high school.

Tom emailed me after taking the Lord of the Rings Character Test, "I am like Frodo ( whatever that means)." Tom has no idea how ironic and meaningful that is. Frodo is the only one with a pure enough heart to take on the impossible task of carrying the One Ring to Mount Doom so that it can be destroyed. Everyone else is tempted to take the ring and use its great power. But Frodo, to the surprise of all, is the chosen one.

Now I know Tom isn't perfect and I know that he is a sinner like me and everyone else, but I've always thought of Tom as the most "true" of my friends. Tom is not easily swayed. In my prideful dreams where my skills are needed at the highest of levels, where I need to bring my own staff, (the White House or Congress), Tom is always my first staff person. Not because of essential skills, but because of his purity of heart, and in a place like Washington, where the pressure to be swayed is so great, I would need someone like Tom to be with me at all times to protect my heart. Others around me (in this prideful dream) wonder why Tom is in on all my meetings. They don't understand the need for someone with a "true" heart.

I am so thankful for a friend like Tom. He will read this and shake his head and think it is silliness. But I am truly blessed by his friendship. Thank you Tom. I am very grateful that you count me among those who you share your life with.

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