Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Star Wars - the way it should be seen
My friend Jim Eastin just sent me an email while on a business trip in Chicago.

Imagine watching the latest Star Wars movie on the best home theater system you can imagine, then, multiply that times 10 or more!!!!! I got to see Star Wars II at an Imax theater!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!! It was incredible!!! The screen was 50 foot tall by 70 foot wide The sound alone was amazing - I could feel the explosions and could hear the phasers being fired from one side of the room traveling to the other. I want to see all six episodes like this! If you ever get a chance to do this, it's worth the trip. I was lucky to find this theater about 20 minutes away from where I'm staying this week (near the O'Hare airport). I went alone, but thought of you and wished you could have enjoyed it with me. Perhaps another time.

It sounds really great. Since I saw the movie three times (actually I never do that), Jim knew I might even make a trip for something like this. I hope I can do it sometime. But even knowing that Jim go to see it is pretty cool.

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