Thursday, December 05, 2002

Just Read Coop's Blog

I basically read Jordon Cooper's Blog like a newspaper. Actually, I don't read a daily newspaper. You find out stuff you didn't care about, and you find out stuff you already knew from other news sources. It seems a bit of a waste.

Stanley Hauerwas has a website. I'm not very familiar with him but am interested in checking him out a bit.

Adult Siamese twins plead for separation - This is about as freaky as anything. There is a picture of the 28 year old twins if you want to see it.

But here's the kicker:

The twins say they want to be separated because of deep differences between them.

"We are two completely separate individuals who are stuck to each other," Ladan, the more extrovert of the sisters, told reporters.

"We have different lifestyles," she said. "We think very differently about issues."

The twins said that if their situation continues for much longer, they will not "stand it any more".

They say they feel no anxiety about the operation.

"We believe it's all in God's hands," Ladan said. "After God, we are relying on the team of doctors."

Why can't people get along? More importantly, why can't we get along?

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