Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Next Year
I know people who read a lot of books a year. Or actually, I know of people. Like some try to read a book a day! Jordon Cooper tries to read 150 per year. And it looks like he will. At least he gives himself two days to read a book!

These guys don't thoroughly read through a book. I know they skim a lot. And they aren't reading 150-300 novels. They're reading books on leadership, etc, which I'm sure begin to repeat themselves.

I want to read more this next year. I can't bring myself to come up with a number. But I do plan on tracking them on my website. Not so that everyone can be impressed (or more likely depressed) with my reading, but so at this time next year, I can look and see what I have done. I think I want to do the same for movies (theater and video), just for fun.

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