Friday, March 28, 2003

Starting New Ministry

I thought this list amazingly spoke to starting new ministries in our churches. It is part of the "new thinking" that must occur for us to do church well in this new era.

Fast Company: Are You Good to Grow?

Are You Good to Grow?

Every CEO is eager for Double-Digit Growth in No-Growth Times ( page 66 ). But during the research for our new book, How to Grow When Markets Don't ( the basis of the cover story in this issue ), it became clear to us that wanting growth and making it happen are very different things.

That's why we made a checklist for pro-growth executives. If you can't say yes to all of these questions, you should probably stop your initiative before you start it.

1. Is there a talented day-to-day leader for the new business?
2. Will my senior management invest its time, resources, and clout to support the new business?
3. Are there 10 high-quality people we are willing to send to staff the new business?
4. Are we ready to support the business with its own profit-and-loss statement and an off-site location?
5. Are we willing to authorize a significant level of budget authority once the initial concept has proven itself to be financially sound?
6. Are we prepared to apply a different set of performance metrics as well as a different compensation formula than those used in the core business?

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