Wednesday, April 02, 2003

New York

I'm not an artist, but I find art provoking and interesting. I've planned to find a classic piece of art to represent each of my sermon series this year. I used this painting by Rembrandt for Encountering God.

Looking for a painting for my next series, Encountering Love, I found this painting by William Congdon (no I've never heard of him either. He died in 1998.)
. It is called New York City (explosion) and it was done in 1948. Take some time and let it speak to you.

Other paintings by Congdon can be found at . I don't know his politics, etc, but his art tells an interesting story. I appreciate for making all this art available. They are very vocal about their politics, which I don't agree with, but we must learn to sift information if we are going to use the internet.

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