Saturday, October 04, 2003

The Glory of Man

I have been listening to a very sharp pastor from Seattle named Mark Driscoll. He is successfully reaching postmoderns.

Clearly I remember Driscoll saying the only hero in the Bible is God. My heart resonated with that. I'm no good. My heart is corrupt.

Then I read Eldredge who says this is a lie. Our heart is good. And then reading the Bible, Esther is a hero. David is a hero. Samson is a hero. Gideon is a hero. Of course, we want to say only with God's help, but what if that is almost true. Here is the truth: There are the hero because that is who God created them to be.

Doesn't the Bible say we will reign with God in the new heaven and new earth? Why do we so quickly dismiss that?

I still like Driscoll. He is really sharp. But I think he is approaching this wrong. In theological terms, I was moving toward Calvinism. Now I am moving back the other way.

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