Friday, October 17, 2003


Via John Porcaro:

Just got Tom Peters' new book, 'Re-Imagine!' Wow. Great stuff! And oh-so-colorful. He's pushing the limits on even book publishing with a fresh, scanable, and technocolor book, co-published by DK.

My favorite quote so far (from the foreward):
' I happen to believe that all innovation comes, not from market research or carefully crafted focus groups, but from pissed-off people. People who just can't stand the opacity of current financial reports. People who are engraged when the CIA database doesn't connect to the FBI database. People who throw their hands up in frustration at the little slips of paper that fall out of their hymnals (and who thence proceed to invent Post-it Notes).

My old friend Bob Waterman, co-author of In Search of Excellence, once told a reporter, 'Tom's not happy unless he's madder than hell about something.''"

Forgive the language. I read a similar quote in Fastcompany magazine as well. I agree and am probably similar to this assessment. But I don't want to have a heart attack either.

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