Thursday, November 20, 2003

Kinship III

David Hopkins is saying what I think many bloggers are thinking. This certainly affects my ability to feel kinship.

I visit the blogs of people I don't know (really good Christian people) and I'm concerned when my site is included in their blogroll. I stopped preaching, because I recognize my cynicism would be a 'stumbling block' for good people. I don't want that. Hopefully, those people do not view my opinions as an attack on their own decisions. You make your own choices. I don't want to discourage or sabotage anybody's faith. Right now, my peace is firmly rooted in hanging out with people and sharing dinner with friends-- the pleasure of a good story, well told.

He has disconnected from a certain type of kinship. He may have done for his own well-being. He may have felt like the life was being sucked from his body by these kinships. I know that feeling to some extent. But at the same time, kinships are the only means to affecting others and breathing life into their bodies.

I wonder if David is concerned with my link to his site? I really enjoy his writing, the way he expresses himself.

The relationships that are the most healthy for me are certainly the three or four small groups I participate in with the leaders in my church. The relationships that suck that life out of me are from the people in our church that look to me for their need, even their spiritual need, instead of looking to God and seeing me as a guide or as fellow journeyman. From what I read of these adventurous guys, they only want the healthy relationships.

I struggle with that -- both good and bad. On the one hand, I have met those needier people where they are at on the journey, yet at the same time, they may not see the need for the deeper relationship. No, that must be a communicated core value that we expect deeper relationships with God. In fact it is one of our core values, and we will be communicating it heavily in 2004.

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