Friday, December 05, 2003

A Beautiful Woman

I asked for comments about this statement: "A man wants to be found worthy. A woman wants to be found beautiful. "

Shawna recently commented:

I have thought a lot about this since you posted it and I would have to agree with the statement. At first I didn't, but after much thought I really do believe the desire of my heart as a woman is to be found beautiful. Not just in the physical sense, but the inner me as well and maybe even more so. With all the "feminism" that abounds in my generation, I think that we have tried to cover up our basic need. After Adam & Eve sinned, one of the consequences of Eve's actions was that she would desire her husband and that he would be over her. I think part of that desiring, is that she wants him to see her as beautiful, as innocent, but since she sinned, she is tainted and no longer is "innocent" to her husband and she desires more than anything to gain that back.

Good stuff. Any more comments? I'm really interested. I want to preach some men/women sermons early next year.

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