Friday, December 05, 2003

A Slower Day

Ahhhh... a slower day. I don't have anything scheduled for the rest of the day. I had a 6:15AM appointment with some leaders. I woke up at 6:11AM. Yikes! No shower. Wear a hat. I wasn't that late.

There is a beautiful light snow falling. I usually don't like snow, but it feels more like a warm beautiful blanket today. It has been a killer week. I know everybody is busy and I'm not looking for a competition, but just to let you know how much I appreciate today.

Monday: My wife and I work for my father-in-law. We take care of his payables and invoicing. He was having a meeting with his foremen Monday morning and wanted me there. I also scheduled high speed internet to be hooked up at his house that morning. My gracious friend Shawna watched my kids (including my sick 8 year old) until noon when she had to leave for a doctor's appointment. So the kids and I went back to Papaws and finished up the internet work. The kids were great.

That night, Danelle and I usually go to our small group where we are reading John Eldredge's Waking the Dead. Our baby sitter was sick so I stayed home and let Danelle facilitate the group.

Tuesday: Alyssa was still sick, though I did get her to school for half a day. Laundry and cleaning the house were on the agenda. That evening I had premarital counseling with a couple getting married on Christmas Eve.

Wednesday: My mom watched the kids at her house so I drive them about 30 minutes and mom meets me there. Alyssa was still sick so I took her to the doctor and waited most of the morning. She didn't have an ear infection which was good, so I drove her to school and she got in another half day.

BTW, I love my doctor. I would never switch, but what is the deal with prescribing antibiotics. Do they get a kickback? Every time I go to the doctor, they give me a prescription to which I respond, "Do we really need it?" Over half the time, they say "No." The Physcians Assistant actually gave me a prescription for a different antibiotic because they are having problems with resistance! This is because they are prescribing antibiotic unnecessarily. We didn't fill the prescription.

Wednesday afternoon, I met with the new owners of the Ramada Inn where our church meets.

Wednesday night: Premarital counseling for a couple getting married in early January.

Thursday: Mom came up to watch the kids today. I hurried to get some music ready for band practice that night. Alyssa stayed home all day. Then in the morning I ran to Springfield (about 2 hours away) because a guy from our church was having surgery. I stayed for a while, then turned around and drove home, made some copies, grabbed a sandwich (thanks honey) and drove to band practice.

Friday: God woke me up just in time for my leadership meeting. But the rest of the day is mine. Alyssa is home sick today. I might get a chance to look at the computer Tom Toner gave me for my mom. I downloaded moveabletype blog software to see if I can get that to work. Maybe I'll have some time to do a little cyber Christmas shopping. We'll see.

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