Friday, December 05, 2003

A Matrix Review I Agree With

I read the Matrix Revolutions review over at Next Wave, written by Mike Gunn.

He put to words much of what I thought about the movie. It appears we are actually disappointed that the ultimate meaning to life is choosing to love and the willingness to sacrifice your life for another.

Here is a sample of the review:

This message doesn’t fall apart, it actually grows through all three movies and made evident in the final scene where evil (The true evil here. Not the machines, they were merely being manipulated by Agent Smith’s ability to replicate himself in the Matrix) is defeated by Neo taking on the likeness of Agent Smith for the sake of defeating evil and setting Zion free. Sound familiar? “He who knew no sin became sin on our behalf…” Sure there are many other layers surrounding it, sure the story is convoluted with images of Hollywood gloss, and it certainly isn’t closed ended with all the answer of the universe revealed, but its message is clear, and I think it did deliver what it promised. It is truly a progressive revelation that gets larger as the characters encounter Neo (“The One”), who progressively recognizes that his journey is moving him from a self centered existence in the Matrix world to a sacrificial existence in the “Real” world. It is quite possibly a message that we no longer believe. This may be our problem with this movie; we have placed our hope in Hollywood, and have come away a bit disappointed.

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