Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Surprising Day

I went to bed last night complaining about today. Today was overscheduled and undertimed (not enough time in the day). I was to be running here and then to there and then with the very few free minutes I had, I needed to be instantly creative. Ychh!

But that isn't the way the day went. I was able to spend some time with God (he met me at Hardees) this morning. I thought he clearly said: "Are you where I want you to be right now?" I answered, "Yes. I believe so." He added: "Do you think I have given you enough time in where I want you to be to do what I want you to do?" I answered, "Yes." Then he added: "Be of good spirit." So I have.

A teen from my church called me this morning and suggested we meet this afternoon just to chat. Very cool. I had lunch with Gil Rowe. And except for the fact that our local Burger King (not part of the chain) does not do drink refills (huh!), it was a great time. My mom watches our kids on Tuesdays, usually at her house, but she called this morning and suggested she come here, which saved me two hours driving time. Thanks mom!

So thanks God, mom, Gil, and TJ for a good day.

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