Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Exploring Truth

Gil commented on Latest Thoughts and my comment was too long. So I'm responding here.

Narrow is the way. Think about a Republican and a Democrat having a conversation (such as Robert Reich and Sean Hannity on the radio last night). They are not exploring. They each have their pile of truth, and they are picking up pieces of their truth and throwing it at the other guys head.

Now what I know, or at least believe, is that there are chunks of truth in both man's piles and even half-truths in each man's pile.

Now me, I'm interested in THE TRUTH. But if you look behind me, you'll see a pile of truth just like behind everyone else. But I find myself more interested in other people's truth than my own because I know that what I am missing and what I have wrong will never be discovered going through my own pile of truth.

But I think we have this fear. If I turn away from my truth and explore her truth, she will sneak up behind me and steal my truth. Then I will have nothing.

It can be a dangerous engagement, but I think that is because we are not well trained at conversation and exploration of the truth.

Likely somebody else gave us our pile of truth and said, "Don't let anybody touch that!" So while we don't understand what we have, we aren't about to let anybody touch it.

I believe in truth. I believe it will show itself. I believe it can be found. I believe we will recognize it. I'm not afraid of searching around a bit. And maybe most importantly, if there were a few humble guides around, it would make the search easier and safer.

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