Wednesday, April 07, 2004

A Firm Foundation

I'm interested in learning. But just because I'm open to conversation and stretching ideas doesn't mean I don't believe anything. I have a firm foundation in Jesus Christ. He is the cornerstone of my foundation. No doubt. I believe in Scripture as the Word of God. But then I think culture, politics, heritage, even our body chemistry sneak in and become part of our foundation without us really being aware. The foundation is non-negotiable.

Without a firm foundation, then I would be "blown in the wind" (Eph 4). But with the foundation laid firmly now in my life, and now working on some upper layers of my building I call Truth, many sources are interesting. Most don't have any impact, but they might spur some creative thought.

The other thought is that I'm not talking about exploring evil or sin. Nothing good can be found there. It could be argued that ideas are sin, but we're stretching it there. Everybody has a belief system. We tend to ask people to throw out everything they know and blanket accept our "standard" belief system. When people do that and don't collect a belief system for themselves, Christ is rarely a firm foundation. Is that what happens in places like Nazi Germany or Christian faith that isn't really practiced but passed on generation to generation?

But I find that most people think you are absurd to ask them to completely drop their belief system. Instead we build bridges in their system to allow for an encounter with Christ, from which they must decide whether to accept him as their new foundation. Anywhere else they drop Him into their belief system, He just won't stay. And people will not allow you into that sacred place they call Truth unless you are respectful and sincere, loving and patient.

Whoa... the thoughts are rambling today.

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