Saturday, April 24, 2004

Fight Club

I've watched most of the movie Fight Club. This is a huge insight into the culture. I'm not sure I wouldn't use this as a test for a church planter. Watch this movie -- if you can't talk to me about the culture and what it desires, then you can't plant a church that will reach unbelievers. You may be able to plant a church that draws believers from other churches or even believers who don't go to church, but unbelievers... Maybe an overstatement, but the imagery of the monastery, complete with obedient monks making soap, and with the same agenda really -- finding life -- blew me away. This is why people join gangs, fraternal organizations, ride skateboards, and on and on.

I found this website that gives "homework."

Hi all, I've seen some of u have tried to open a fight club without success.

I must say the one I opened has had enormous success. Start off between a maximum of three people - if any of the involved is hesitating get him to drink a little bit. It will help let you be free. That done our first fight went great - no one stayed going on about how we shouldnt hit in the face etc and its not the first time one ended in hospital. Project Mayhem on the other hand is a bit difficult. We have successfully completed some stuff but due to being a small number (50 in all) we can't do much stuff. Maybe as we grow...

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