Saturday, May 01, 2004

Rained Out

It has been a non-stop week. Wow! I put in a lot of hours, finishing up final touches for our Habitat for Humanity golf tournament, finding out last pieces of information about buying a property for our church, looking into whether I missed taking the Additional Child Credit on my last three tax returns (I did! I should be getting some money back!), practicing with our worship band, partying with my wife's family, studying Waking the Dead with a small group, meeting with various leaders, taking the 19 year old son of the family getting the Habitat home to the driving range (still sore), ... Tired just typing it.

This morning the rains came. Tournament postponed till next week. My sermon is about half finished, maybe a third. The rain will help my sermon tremendously. I'll probably get some sleep, debating on now or later.

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