Saturday, May 01, 2004

Music Piracy

Barna reports

In a new nationwide survey, teenagers express their views about the morality of music piracy. The latest Barna Update shows that most teens – even born again Christian teens – do not have any moral qualms about downloading free, non-promotional songs from the Internet or copying CDs for their friends.

I seriously thought that there was a law passed in 92 that made copying a friend's CD legal. I thought the question of Napster and Kazaa was that this new generation considers everyone in the world their friend, and the question was what is the definition of friend. I have borrowed several CDs and copied them from very close friends. I seriously do not want to do what is wrong. Am I legally wrong here? Am I ethically wrong?

Talk about a new world. I was at Common Grounds the other morning (early, like 6:15AM). This young woman in a short skirt was talking on her cell phone. She was telling her roommate that their computer had a message waiting on her when she had gotten out of bed this morning. She had IM'd her and told her that the roommate was still asleep. We are connected.

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