Thursday, June 17, 2004

Advice For Fathers of Adults

Then I thought of those fathers of children who are now fully adults.
· Don’t act disappointed all the time.
· Don’t interfere with their parenting.
· Let them make all their own decisions. Give your opinion if they ask for it, but leave room for them to figure things out for themselves.
· Don’t even think about bailing them out of jail, paying off their credit cards, or lending them money just because they are broke… even if your grandchildren are suffering. If you do, it will never stop.
· Don’t buy them stuff except at Christmas. Let them stand on their own two feet.
· Don’t spoil the grandchildren and don’t tell me that it is your job. It isn’t helping.
· Spend more time encouraging them in what you see positive then pointing out their faults. Expressing disappointment does not work. Cut it out.
· Know that they will quickly start showing you your worst parenting techniques.

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