Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Phone Call

I had told our congregation that I would be calling them about financing our property. Not a call I wanted to make. I made several calls tonight.

I'm glad I did. One man told me that he has been going to church since 1968 but keeps stopping because he gets bored. But The Crossover is what he's been looking for all his life. He actually looks forward to going to church on Sunday now. He and his wife had decided what they were going to do and thought this building was exactly what we needed.

A lady told me she's living on Social Security but she really wanted to us to get that building so she was committing a smaller amount but all she could. She wants to be the first member accepted at the new building.

Another man shared with me a nice amount that he planned to give us.

Another lady had some great questions, had asked God what her family should give, and was still waiting for an answer. That's all we could ask.

I talked with another man who wasn't sure he had gotten a packet. But we caught up on life and shared some encouragement.

Good calls. Glad I made them.

All good conversations. Nobody irritated.

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