Thursday, June 17, 2004

Advice to Young Fathers

It made me stop and think about those guys who this is their first Father’s Day as a father. How will you do as a father? I have some advice.

· Try not to drop the kid.
· Support their little heads.
· Don’t be surprised how quickly they begin to talk and walk and make their own decisions.
· Don’t be surprised that what you once thought was adorable is now incredibly irritating.
· Don’t miss the time. You’ll never get it back. You’ll never wish you would have worked more but you’ll always wish you had spent more time with your children.
· Pay attention. You’ll learn more about the child in the first year than you may ever learn.
· Change diapers – as many as you can. It sets of tone of responsibility.
· If you have a baby girl, stop trying to throw her the football and play Barbie. It isn’t about you.
· Know that they will quickly start showing you your worst habits.

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