Thursday, June 17, 2004

Advice for Fathers of Teens

It made me stop and think about those father’s whose children are becoming teenagers.
· Try not to kill them.
· Don’t believe that they don’t want to spend time with you. Take them with you… attitude and all.
· Encourage your daughter that she is beautiful – not a snobby beauty queen, but certainly a lovely young woman who many a boy will like.
· Get a cow. Or find some major responsibility that the child must care for.
· Don’t you feed the cow for them. Let it suffer and die if they don’t feed it. Put the cow in their room if they don’t feed it.
· Don’t let your wife feed the cow. She’ll want to. She’ll feel sorry for the cow. Don’t let her feed it.
· In the long run, it is NOT easier to do it yourself.
· Encourage your boy that he is strong. The rest of the school will try to prove you different. A strong boy doesn’t start fights, but a strong boy stands up for those who can’t.
· Let them make some decisions, but don’t leave all the decisions to them. As long as they have some freedom, they don’t want full responsibility – no matter what they say.
· Know that they will quickly start showing you your worst habits.

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