Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Six Flags Vacation

My soon to be 9 year old daughter wants to go to Six Flags in St Louis on vacation. But we have a five year old and two year old as well. Looking to see if it is worth our time. Our kids are 49", 44", and 37". This may make all the difference.

Update: Curious to see if my boys are big for their age. Yes, according to CDC growth stats. They are both about 75 percentile.


ST. LOUIS—Back by popular demand, Six Flags offers another chance to experience a dangerous dance of reflexes and cunning as KACHUNGA—AND THE ALLIGATOR SHOW returns to the theme park for a special-engagement production June 7 through August 8.

New in 2004, join the old sorcerer and his animated puppet pals in Sound Stage #2 Theatre for “MERLIN’S MAGICADEMY.” This fantastic family show is packed full of magic, music and merriment. Guests travel back in time to the Forest of Forever, where Merlin seeks the assistance of three “apprentices” from the audience, and misguided magic ensues.


Seven acres of the wildest white-water rapids in the Midwest. (Minimum 42" or 36" when accompanied by an adult)

A 20-person boat drops over the 50-foot waterfall into 300,000 gallons of water. (Minimum 42" or 36" when accompanied by an adult)

Turning, twisting water ride with a 60-foot drop. (Minimum 42")

SCOOBY-DOO! GHOSTBLASTERS -- The Mystery of the Scary Swamp
Join Scooby-Doo and those meddling kids in this scary swamp adventure! (Under 36" must be accompanied by an adult)

A one-time Guinness World record holder soars down a three-quarter-mile wooden track. (Minimum 42")

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