Thursday, August 26, 2004

Politics Blahhhhh

We here in Illinois are fortunate enough to witness a tremendous political race between Democrat Barack Obama (This is his blog for which I see no entry by him, but he's busy...) and Republican out of towner Alan Keyes.

I am torn. I read in the paper this morning that Keyes has reviewed Obama's voting record and has come to the conclusion that Obama really doesn't care about people. I saw a commercial tonight that showed Obama in front of a closed factory, and Obama said, "This just isn't good for America." Wow. He cuts right to it. He thinks it would be better if there were more jobs. If only Keyes people would have gotten a hold of this incredible info earlier. If only Keyes was for more jobs. If only Obama wasn't against people.

A political insider (ok it was Gil) told me that Keyes is pro machine gun for the common man. Is your mouth kind of hanging open like mine... in disbelief?

I'm voting for Ditka anyway.

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